Humble Dollar

Humble dollar is one of the famous blog about finance on the internet, even thought in my opinion sometimes the contents are where the retirement wrote an article (or more), the contributors quite varied, and the contents are awesome.

I have been following (and subscribing) Humble Dollar newsletter, i learn so much, here are some of the posts that have to save to my Pocket app, for me to reread in case the origin site was broken or defunct.

The founder, Jonathan Clements is often do some podcasting with many podcast channel, like this one with Morning Star.

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Reading Under the Radar by Cassie Gutman

Reading Under the Radar by Cassie Gutman

Even though i love reading books, but to read and finish it in a week is another level, not to mention to browse new books, planning which book i would like to read.

But Cassie Gutman, did amazing, not just read the book, which were not a mainstream books, that’s also another level, in what earth he can find those books!

He will send a book recommendation once a week through his newsletter.

To be honest, when i browse the archives, a lot of the books were not familiar, never see the books, but i would love to read one, living here, not easy to find imported books, but we do have many independent book publisher, that also helps me to find unconventional books of under the radar.

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One Word by Taegan Maclean

I love documentaries, from science, history, cars, travel and so an everyday life documentary, sometimes i watched some other people’s vlog, where they documented their life, curated vlog of course, Youtube filled with strange things.

This particular documentary served in a format of newsletter, and that is awesome.

The video, always tells with story, a one word with a story, not just on the video, but on the newsletter itself, filled with words, a story telling, i always admired people with this creativity, crafting their words, shaping their stories, the newsletter created by Taegan Maclean.

This newsletter and its story, Woodbine, tells about his dad’s life, to which it hits home, i wish i had those videos or photos of my dad, me and him. I love the editing, and the story.

Other post is about his Path, its journey, life on the road, transportation, train station (i’m all for train and train station!).

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Listening Sessions By Robert C. Gilbert

Not just for gadgets or electronic, or even a car that needs a review, or some might will delve into the details it, and made some comments.

Listening Sessions is not quite different, imo, and this is about music, the writer put this as a long-form essay about music, artists, and anything in between, the contents are superb, very detail, the artist or music history, and writer’s own take about the music.

Just try to read piece about Miles Davis, or Simon & Garfunkel

Very much enjoying the newsletter!

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The Why Axis

Data are fun, and data don’t lie, this newsletter in particular, has a lot of data to show, from what we tought is important to something that might be unimportant for some people, and Christopher Ingraham explain it perfectly, love it.

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Animation Obsessive

I love movies, live action or animation, Animation or in my preference is anime, is one of the genre i’ve been watching quite often, and this newsletter explain a lot of things about animation, around the world.

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