MT Capital Research

This newsletter breakdown and give a lot of insight about the company in a single post, i love how MT Capital Research explain how the tech companies works, how the company run their business, how the operate, and a lot more.

The explanation is not too research-y, can understand by mere human, and it can help an average investor to decide their investment idea.

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On Repeat by Kevin Alexander

This newsletter tells about music, about history, about culture. Kevin’s storytelling also great, he sometimes do some break down about songs, and what his take about that song.

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Ruth Reichl La Briffe

Even though the newsletter roughly 3 months old, but i’m getting quite a lot of value, since a lot cooking also, Ruth put a lot of effort to make this newsletter.

And there’s more than “just” recipe, she’s a great storyteller, i love it!

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Alpha Letter

This is mainly focusing on US Stock market, and what happened in US, but there’s a lot of other stuff that I considered still applicable in other countries, article like “How to retire in five years”, or might be this, “Your Nine To Five Is A Massive Risk”, and also other articles about stock investing amongst other market take, the paid tier has some stock picking feature.

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This is a much needed newsletter, written by Anna Codrea-Rado, i need this type of newsletter, well, at least for me, with the jobs, life, and everything in between, and how we maintain life without the feeling of burnout? this article for instance, it asked me to contemplate about my job and work.

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We Can Fix It

This is a fun newsletter, We Can Fix It, Kim Nicholas brought a lot of view, take, opinions regarding climate change, where we are, and what we can do about it, some with a nice delivery and picture!

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