The Better Letter

The Better Letter by Bob Seawright, he’s a CIO (chief investment officer) at Madison Avenue Securities, which specialized on broker dealer and also investment advisory firm, he has vast knowledge in many areas, and enjoyed his writings on substack.

I like the Crash Protection post, and the new one F You Money, which asked people how much money is enough? and in what number we can say that? and then we freely pursuit other thing because money is, F*** You.

Dinner: A love story

Dinner: A Love Story By Jenny Rosenstrach, has unique storytelling, not just putting the recipe and done, but also presenting her craft using the story behind it, story how the food was cooked, it’s like reading someone’s diary, love it.

The story I’ve saved on my Pocket

She published not only about food & cooking, she also wrote about books, tips and other topic.

Investment Talk

I Followed this newsletter, got a lot of insight and very much enjoying how Conor wrote his posts, Market Talk segment is impressive, even though I lived in a different part of the world, but still learn so much.

Recenty, Conor announced that he probably will not be as active (or more active) writing his stuff, we’ll wait for that, and in the meantime we can enjoy previous posts on his page.

If you enjoy investing, especially in stock market, Please do subscribe, it is worth it.

A Wealth of Common Sense

This is a premier post from This is a Good Newsletter, and since i’m a big fan of personal finance theme, also fans of Ben Carlson posts on his blog, and also his podcast.

He served his newsletter on his own platform, his blog, if you were interested with his contents, please subscribe there.

Few of my favorite content from Ben Carlson

And of course, many of his newer posts, i enjoyed much of his work, simple and not to institutional (since he work at Ritholtz Wealth Management).